Our Teams


Our Engineering team is made up of development, infrastructure, and QA engineers who work together to build out and maintain our brokerage's software: trading platforms, account opening applications, and internal business tools.

Our Tech

Our architecture is consistently evolving as our business grows and we face different technical challenges, but always with a focus on practicality and performance.

Our backend is made up of a collection of Ruby and Java microservices, connected to our C++ Order Execution Layer below, through RabbitMQ. Infrastructure tools include Chef, Terraform, AWS, and Jenkins.


Room to Grow

We encourage our engineers to evolve in whatever way they envision for themselves. Are you a developer who's proven your reliability to the team and looking for more responsibility as a senior engineer? We'll help support your steps to get there.

Are you a tried and true Java engineer starting to feel stagnated, and hoping to branch into some low-latency C++ work? That's great! You'll become even more valuable to us when you understand more of our system and its underlying business domains. We don't want anyone on our team to feel stuck, and with all the interesting problems to solve, different technologies, and things to learn, there's never a reason to be.


Team Traits

Code Craft-Centric

We pride ourselves on using standardized, clean, and maintainable code. Anyone on the team should be able to glance at any piece of code within the system, understand what it does, how to use it, and how to build upon it.


Though there is plenty of support for new or younger hires, and colleagues will jump to help anyone who has questions, much of the work you'll do on this team is independent. Having the motivation to drive your work forward without constant oversight is vital.

Great at Critical Thinking

Engineering complex trading systems requires the use of thoughtful analysis in each decision, and the ability to evaluate circumstances beyond the obvious given information.

Curious & Eager to Learn

Our codebase can be complex, and so is the trading domain. Those with an excitement to learn more and understand the mechanisms of how our system - and potentially derivatives trading - works will do extremely well on our team.

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