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Product & Design

Comprised of designers and product managers who work to deliver the best trading interfaces, account opening applications, and any other first-hand software experiences.


Collaborative Iteration

The product team works closely – and in perpetual iteration – with our developers, QA, and the business side to deliver new features and updates. Product management interprets and prioritizes expectations from business stakeholders and breaks them into concrete engineering plans.

Development, QA, and product then begin their collaborative cycle, each in close dialogue with the other to ensure the functionality supports the design, the design supports the functionality, and things all work the way they should.


What Keeps It Interesting?

Trading platforms are data-heavy and people trade in a variety of ways, each prioritizing different pieces of information in the process. It can be an incredibly rewarding challenge to figure out the most effective and elegant way for someone to navigate the market, see the relevant data needed to support their decisions, and place their trades, all in a clean and easily digestible way that keeps them coming back.

Working on these complex products also provides you with limitless opportunities to learn: no one project is ever the same.


Team Traits


Trading interfaces are unique. They require lots of detailed information while allowing users to make many dynamic decisions. Balancing data and functionality is a challenge suited to creative minds adept at blending visual design and purpose.


We’re consistently taking requests from stakeholders and translating those ideas into what the customer experiences. Understanding usability and aesthetics from a customer’s perspective is essential.


We always think about how things work and what purpose they serve. Is this the best possible solution? What will improve our existing products? How can we push ourselves to be better? Considering every angle of our products is crucial.

Collaborative & Independent

Designers tend to own specific projects: frequently researching, maintaining, and designing components individually. Then the team regularly comes together to share ideas, get input, and offer support. Teamwork is as important as independent work.

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