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Trade Desk

The Trade Desk team answers calls, emails, chats, and texts about positions, trading strategies, and anything else a customer might want to know.

They are FINRA licensed and qualified to assist with every trading issue you might encounter. They are also responsible for our Help Center management.


Our Priority is Customer Experience

The Trade Desk is the frontline when it comes to customer interaction at tastyworks. Of course we’re answering questions, but we also want to go above and beyond when it comes to customer experience.

Quality over quantity is a big one for us. We make sure we get to calls quickly (on an average trading day, wait time is under 10 seconds), but the metrics are not the focus here – we want to make sure it's an outstanding call and gives the customer a reason to tell a friend about tastyworks.


We are Educators

Most of the calls we get are from customers new to the domain, still learning the ins and outs of trading. Our job is not to rush them off the phone - we take the time to walk through a trade or position.

We never tell customers what to do with their trades – just help them to know their choices, and allow them to become self-sufficient.


Team Traits


Patience and care is necessary to the kind of customer service we provide. We’re answering questions, but we’re also giving the attention, encouragement, and education that allows our customers to grow as traders.


Customers generally call-in in good spirits, but sometimes someone will be alarmed and upset about something affecting their account balance. No matter what, you must be able to remain composed and help in any way you can.


Though we take all the time needed to help each customer, many people just need a simple question answered, and you’ll find yourself jumping from one call to the next. You should be OK – or even enjoy – this kind of fast-paced energy.

Great at Multitasking

Talking to a customer, accessing their account, analyzing a position, and messaging a colleague for help with a niche margins question – you may very well find yourself doing all these things at once.

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