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Commodities Trading

Trade a variety of commodity markets using options, futures, ETFs, stocks and futures options with the top online broker in the U.S.1 Invest in energy commodities and other sectors like agriculture, metal and raw materials.

Why trade commodities with us?

Explore a wide
range of assets

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Utilize products like ETFs, futures and related stocks; and size up or down based on your risk tolerance or account type

Take advantage of
trading pairs

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Take advantage of unique relationships to balance out your portfolio such as the gold-silver ratio and grain pairs

Capitalize on


Benefit from binary events and the price movements they cause. From geopolitical headlines to supply and demand reports, a wide variety of news impacts commodity markets

Get Diversified

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Diversify your portfolio with metals, minerals, grains, food, energy, raw materials, and currencies

Access Emerging
Markets (EM)

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Engage in commodity-related sectors & companies in emerging markets

Speculate Without being a

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Take advantage of in-play commodity markets without storing or owning physical materials

Learn about commodity options on futures products

What Commodity products can I trade?

You can trade commodity stocks, options, futures and futures options on our award-winning platform.1 Balance your portfolio with the products of your choice to make it work for your investment goals.

Some of the energy commodities you can trade are coal, crude oil, micro crude oil, e-mini crude oil, Henry Hub natural gas, e-mini natural gas. Non-energy commodities include agricultural underlyings such as corn, mini corn, soybeans, mini soybeans, Chicago SRW wheat, and mini-Chicago SRW wheat. Metals also fall under non-energy commodities and include gold, micro gold, copper, platinum, silver and micro silver.

Commodity options on futures

Add probability to your commodity assumption and consider incorporating bullish, bearish and neutral futures options strategies.

Commodity stocks and ETFs

Enter the commodity market by investing in a physical commodity with stocks or exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Commodity Futures

Commodity futures cover a variety of asset classes and are available to trade 23/5.2.

Popular commodity futures products

Below is a list of some widely traded commodity futures on our platform.

CME outright futures
Crude oil (/CL)
Corn (/ZC)
Gold (/GC)
Soybeans (/ZS)
Natural Gas (/NG)

Commodity futures options

There are various futures options you can trade on the tastyworks platform:

ProductOption StyleDeliverableTime of settlement3
/ZCAmericanFuture1:20 pm CT
/ZSAmericanFuture1:20 pm CT
/ZWAmericanFuture1:20 pm CT
/CLAmericanFuture1:30 pm CT
/NGEuropeanCash1:30 pm CT
/GCAmericanFuture12:30 pm CT
/SIAmericanFuture12:30 pm CT
/SPREAmericanFuture to Cash3:00 pm CT

Discover commonly traded commodity markets

With tastyworks, you can explore and trade various commodity markets from energy markets like Natural Gas and WTI Crude; to Metals and Grains. Some of the well-known commodities you can choose from on our platform include:

Natural Gas (UNG)
IShares Silver ETF (SLV)
U.S. Oil Fund (USO)
SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD)
Gold Miners (GDX)
Wheat ETF (WEAT)
Energy ETF (XLE)
Oil & Gas ETF (XOP)

Trade commodities with low commissions

When trading commodities with tastyworks, you can reduce your overall costs by paying lower commissions.

Take a look at the low commissions of trading commodities:

ProductOpening commission (per contract)4Closing commission (per contract)4
Micro futures$0.85$0.85
Smalls futures$0.25$0.25
Smalls Futures Options$0.50$0.00
Futures Options$2.50$0.00
Stocks and ETFs$0.00 unlimited shares$0.00

Find out more about pricing and fees

What are Commodities and how can you trade them?

Commodities are economic goods. They can be raw materials (like corn or oil) that are used in production, or natural resources (energy, metals, grains). Commodities are traded in the market using futures contracts or commodity-linked stocks or ETFs.

How to Trade Commodities

  1. Learn about commodities and how the commodities markets work
  2. Create a tastyworks account or log in
  3. Implement a trading plan and a risk management strategy
  4. Start trading a commodity product that compliments your investment goals

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1Named the Best Online Broker by Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) in its ninth annual survey.

2Futures trading hours vary by product. See here for details.

3Final settlement based on the latest trade price.

4Applicable exchange, clearing, and regulatory fees still apply to all opening and closing trades.

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