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Futures Are Now!

Active trader interface on desktop computer

A futures trading platform for the active trader

Fast, reliable, inexpensive. What else could you ask for from a futures broker? We introduced a futures trading platform built for speed, and now we’ve gone the extra mile with a whole new interface - designed specifically for faster trading.

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Futures Trading Commission Rates

Our futures commissions are incredibly straightforward. $1.25 to open one contract, $1.25 to close it*. That’s it!

* Some additional fees will be charged on both opening and closing trades for all products.

All Futures Trades*
per contract

Our Futures Products

tastyworks offers the following futures products for trading:

Equity Index Futures

  • E-mini S&P 500 Index Futures (/ES)
  • E-mini Nasdaq 100 Index Futures (/NQ)
  • E-mini Dow 30 Index Futures (/YM)
  • E-mini Russell 2000 Index Futures (/RTY)

Interest Rate Futures

  • 90 Day Eurodollar Futures (/GE)
  • 2 Year T-Note Futures (/ZT)
  • 5 Year T-Note Futures (/ZF)
  • 10 Year T-Note Futures (/ZN)
  • US 30 Year T-Bond Futures (/ZB)

Foreign Currency Futures

  • Euro FX Futures (/6E)
  • Japanese Yen (/6J)
  • British Pound (/6B)
  • Canadian Dollar (/6C)
  • Australian Dollar (/6A)

Energy Futures

  • Crude Oil Futures (/CL)
  • Natural Gas Futures (/NG)

Metals Futures

  • Gold Futures (/GC)
  • Silver Futures (/SI)

Grain Futures

  • Soybean Futures (/ZS)
  • Corn Futures (/ZC)
  • Wheat Futures (/ZW)

To learn more about these products, visit the help center.

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