Referral Program

The tastyworks Referral Program (the “Referral Program” or the “Program”) is our way of showing you appreciation for each and every person you introduce to tastyworks. To participate in the Program you'll need an active, valid, and funded securities brokerage account at tastyworks at the time you are deemed to have made the referral and at the time you redeem your credits.

Tell 'em what they'll win, Scott!

For each Qualified Referral you make, you will receive one Referral Credit (see rule 4 below). Credits earned can be redeemed for the following Referral Program Items or a cash deposit to your securities brokerage account for the maximum cash value indicated below(max. cash value).

Google Home

2 Referral Credits

Google Home
(max. cash value of $150)
Chicago-style hot dog

5 Referral Credits

Chicago Food Package
(max. cash value of $500)

Food Package details can be found here.

High speed internet

10 Referral Credits

1 Year of High-Speed Internet Access
(max. cash value of $1,000)
Chicago skyline

20 Referral Credits

Trip for 2 to Chicago
(max. cash value of $2,000)

Trip for 2 to Chicago from anywhere in the continental U.S. includes 1-night hotel stay, and dinner at a Michelin-rated restaurant.

50 Referral Credits

Apple Package
(max. cash value of $5,000)

Includes a MacBook Pro, an iPad, an iPhone, and an Apple Watch.

Apple products

Tesla Model S

750 Referral Credits

Tesla Model S
(max. cash value of $50,000)

The maximum value indicated above is the dollar amount that tastyworks will allocate to your securities brokerage account in lieu of redeeming your Referral Credits for a specific Referral Program Item. The maximum dollar amount that tastyworks will allocate to a specific Referral Program Item redeemed is listed above as a maximum value and is based on the number of Referral Credits. tastyworks reserves the right to determine whether a specific Referral Program Item can be allocated to you based on your location or other factors.

The above vendors are not affiliated with, do not sponsor, and have not endorsed this Referral Program.

How the tastyworks Referral Program works (the "Rules")
  1. Sign in to and scroll down to find the “Generate Referral Link” item found in the “Refer” panel on your home page. Click the item to generate your unique link.
  2. Share this unique referral link with relatives, friends, colleagues, and any other individual in the United States, age 18 or older, who does not currently have a securities brokerage account at tastyworks.
  3. The person you share your unique referral link with (“Referral”) will need to complete the following steps before you will earn a Referral Credit:
    1. Your Referral must come to by clicking on your unique referral link.
    2. Your Referral must open a securities brokerage account at tastyworks, which includes a valid email address, and must fund that account with a minimum of $2,000.00 USD within 60 days of opening the account (see “Additional Terms and Conditions" below for details).
  4. If Your Referral is eligible for a securities account with tastyworks, and meets all of the terms and conditions of the Referral Program (“Qualified Referral”), you will receive an update to the Referral Credits count on your profile page:
    1. “Your Pending Credits” if a securities account is opened but not funded with the minimum $2,000.00 USD.
    2. “Your Redeemable Credits” when a securities account is opened and funded with the minimum $2,000.00 USD.
  5. If one of the Referral Program Thresholds listed above is met, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to redeem your Referral Credits for the Referral Program Items listed above or how to request the cash equivalent of the qualified item. If you have an IRA account, payment will be made via check, otherwise a deposit will be made to your securities brokerage account. All Referral Credit redemptions, whether for a Referral Credit Item or cash equivalent, will be processed within 60 days from the date the redemption request is received. You do not need to redeem credits immediately, but can accumulate credits to redeem higher Referral Credit Items, as described above.
  6. Check and monitor your Qualified Referral Credits by signing in to This information will appear on your signed-in home page.
Additional Terms and Conditions