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Indices Trading

Trade a variety of index products using options, futures and exchange traded funds (ETFs) with America's top online broker.1 Take your position with an index product that works for your account size and risk tolerance.

Why trade indices with us?

Reduced Risk

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Reduce single-stock volatility by trading a basket of stocks to lower your risk2

Market Flexibility

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Make short or long-term assumptions with a wide range of expirations

Cash Settlements

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Play your index trade all the way up to expiration on select index products3


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Get exposure to multiple asset classes and sectors with index ETFs, index futures and index options


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Keep up to date on index markets with over 15 index watchlists and their respective components

Market Awareness

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Index futures can offer new insights regarding local and global financial markets, and the outlook for the upcoming trading session

Learn about settlement and expiration of cash-settled index options

What Index Products Can I Trade?

With tastyworks, you can trade an index (i.e. the S&P 500, NASDAQ100, VIX and many more) on our award-winning platform.1 Utilize different products for your portfolio - from cash-settled indices, ETFs, ETNs, index options and futures - to suit your account size and risk tolerance.

Index Options

You can trade options on an index instead of speculating on individual components of the index using e.g. the SPX, VIX, SPC, RUT, DJX, RUT, VRO

Index Futures

Gain access to greater leverage4 when you trade index futures. Hedge your portfolio with equity index futures

Index ETFs

Diversify your portfolio with index ETFs (exchange traded funds ETFs), a more capital efficient way of gaining exposure to a specific index

NDXNDX Pweekly
RUTRUT Wweekly
/ESE-Mini S&P 500
/MESMicro E-Mini S&P 500
/NQE-Mini NASDAQ 100
/MNQMicro E-Mini NASDAQ 100
/YME-Mini Dow
/MYMMicro E-Mini Dow
/RTYE-Mini Russell 2000
/M2KMicro E-Mini Russell 2000

Discover The Index Markets

With tastyworks, you can explore and trade some of the most traded indices from around the world. Some of the most popular indices you can choose from on our platform include:

S&P 500
Russell 2000
Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI)
See a list of Smalls

Trade Indices and Understand the Fee Structure

When trading indices with tastyworks, the fee structure is different from other option products.

Familiarize yourself with the fees and costs of trading indices:

SymbolDescriptionFee per contract
SPXS&P 500$0.65
RUTRussell 2000$0.18
VIXCBOE Market Volatility Index$0.65
OEXS&P 100 (American-style exercise)$0.40
XEOS&P 100 (European-style exercise)$0.40
DJXDow Jones Industrial Average 1/100$0.18
NDXNASDAQ 100$0.18
Find out more about pricing and fees

What's an Index and How Do They Work?

An index is a basket of publicly listed companies' stock, that captures an entire market or are specific to an industry sector, segment, a particular market or region.

Indices work by giving you the opportunity to trade a basket of stocks in a specific index with each stock possibly having a different weight.

How to Trade Indices

  1. Understand what an index is and how indices work
  2. Create a tastyworks account or log in
  3. Create a trading plan and a risk management strategy
  4. Open your index position, then monitor and close it

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  • Discover a platform with execution features for veteran traders and newbies

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    Get access to curated watchlists for a broad overview of indices and get trade inspiration with Follow Feed and video feed

  • Get peace of mind trading on a reliable platform

    Feel secure knowing you are trading on one of the fastest and most reliable trading platforms in the world

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1 Named the Best Online Broker by Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) in its ninth annual survey.

2 Volatility still exists with indices due to economic forecasts and occurrences such as natural disasters, pandemics, and geopolitical events.

3 The non-quarterly options on equity indices futures do not settle to cash (they settle to the future)

4 Leverage – Notional value/margin of 1 short option or 1 futures contract. Increased leverage can substantially increase risk and loss to your portfolio in the event of adverse market movements.

5 XSP contract fees are as follows: $0.00 for less than 10 contracts per leg and $0.04 for 10 contracts per leg or more.

tastyworks does not provide investment, tax, or legal advice. tastyworks’ website and brokerage services are not intended for persons of any jurisdiction where tastyworks is not authorized to do business or where such products and other services offered by the Firm would be contrary to the securities regulations, futures regulations or other local laws and regulations of that jurisdiction. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors as the special risks inherent to options trading may expose investors to potentially significant losses. Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options before deciding to invest in options.

Futures accounts are not protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). All customer futures accounts' positions and cash balances are segregated by Apex Clearing Corporation. Futures and futures options trading is speculative and is not suitable for all investors. Please read the Futures & Exchange-Traded Options Risk Disclosure Statement prior to trading futures products.

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