Our Teams


This team is responsible for everything related to tastyworks' accounts - email correspondence with customers, reviewing account applications, account and money transfers, and more.


We Keep the Ship Afloat

The majority of the work the Accounts' team does involves helping folks who may not have grown up with technology as second nature. Our job is to listen and understand what customers are asking for, guide them through a solution step-by-step, and make sure they feel supported.

Customers should know they can ask us any questions - no matter how simple - without feeling judged.


Areas of Work

General Support

The team handles frequent email and occasional phone communication with new and existing customers, where questions on day-to-day account items are answered and resolved.

Banking Support

We help customers wire money to their accounts, process ACAT and ACH transfers, transfer complex assets like options positions, and more.

Account Applications

We often coordinate with customers to ensure they've provided the correct information and supporting documents by reviewing and approving customer account applications.

Fraud and Compliance

The team perform surveillance and investigate suspicious trading patterns and transactions. We also ensure that the brokerage is in compliance with regulations.


Team Traits


Because this is a highly-regulated space, paying close attention to details is critical. You should have an eye for – and care about – catching mistakes.

Calm and Collected

Staying composed as you help a frustrated customer solve their problem is important, as well as an opportunity to turn the situation around and leave them feeling happy.


Some Accounts work involves repetitive, but very important tasks. Those who don’t require outside motivation to keep driving forward will do well.

Great at Written Communication

Most of the contact we have with our customers is through email. You should be adept at writing for clarity, tone, and grammatical correctness.

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